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DéSpace UFO Massage Chair

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The QAUD 3D Roller Balls is the second generation roller balls post evolution and reinvention tailored to suit the uses and needs of different consumers. It comes with 8cm protrusion alongwith the most humanized rollers to pin point pressure areas and lower back pain which you are trying to alleviate, performing a concentrated neck, back and shoulder massage therapy all from the comfort of your massage chair.

  • Aero V-Track
    Extra 45% Massage Coverage

  • 180° Space Stretch
    1st Full Body Stretching Program

  • i-Sensing System
    1st Full Body Sensing System with (MRS)

  • 360° Air-Calf
    1st Rotational Air Pressure Massage


DeVano SL ROSEmatic Massage Sofa




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