3 Reasons - Why Do We Need Massage Regularly ?

Posted by in Health Sharing on January 16, 2021 . .

Promotes Blood Circulation

This is extremely important as massage may help blood and oxygen flow through congested areas circulating nutrients into different body cells. The pressure of the massage may also help in breaking up toxin in the cells, bringing in rich and healthy blood supply to relieve stiff and tense body muscle. 



Improve Quality of Sleep

Definitely one of the most key importance in today's society where massage may help ones to reduce fatigue and improve quality of sleep where it directly influences the body's production of serotonin. The increase of serotonin level can let ones feel calm, decrease anxiety levels and induce sleep. Furthermore, ones may get relax and rejuvenate through massage after whole days of working. This directly helps to reduce stress that improve one's quality of sleep.


Relief Back Pain & Promotes Muscle Relaxation

Do you know that massage could also stimulate the release of endorphins, which are the chemicals that help to relieve pain, especially chronic back pain or stiff muscle? This can be relieved through massage and stretching. Nevertheless, the release of endorphins could also trigger a positive feeling which able to reduce stress and anxiety. 


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Last update: January 26, 2021