Benefit Of Owning A Treadmill At Home

Posted by in Health Sharing on February 26, 2021 . .

Have you realized owning a treadmill at home is a great choice ? It would definitely benefit you in a long run. Let us share with you ! 


1. Convenience - You Can Exercise Anytime

Having a treadmill at home is very convenient as you can exercise whenever you want. This especially applies to the current society, where everyone is busy with their work and packed schedule. This may be one of the biggest obstacle or reason for them to exercise or work out. In addition, external factors like unexpected bad weather may also affect workout plan too. Exercising comfortable with a treadmill at home will definitely safe you all these troubles ! 


2. Burn Calories, Weight Loss, Improve Heart Health

Cardio, such as running & jogging is one of the most known effective way for you to lose weight and burn calories although the number of calories burned is vary depending on individual running spped, duration, intensity and body size. Furthermore, it can help to improve heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Most importantly, it can help to increase the blood circulation and lower your bad cholesterol levels, blood pressure and resting heart rate. 



3. Reduced Impact & Prevent Injury 

Running on different street, tarmac or surface may impact differently to individual's knee and anke. By using treadmill, it may reduce greatly on the risk of injuries and reduces the impact on the ankle and the knee. Usually, the running surface of a treadmill is relatively soft, and include the cushioning system that comes with shock absorbers, effectively reducing impacts and helps in protecting and reduces the risk of injuries on the ankle and the knee. 


Last update: February 26, 2021