Get Yourselves Ready For A Special Chinese New Year

Posted by in Health Sharing on January 29, 2021 . .

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Are you busy with the preparation? 

Every year during this point of time, every family members will be occupied with house cleaning, decoration, cooking, buying, create new hairstyle and etc. Most of the time, we have put the least focus on getting our own body health & wellness in tip top condition.

Lets prepare this year’s CNY a little different. Here are 4 ideas that GINTELL could help you on your CNY preparation!

1. Massage

After all the house chores, most of you will likely to experience tiredness, back pain, or even not able to have a good night sleep which is most probably the reason why you are getting the dark eye circles. So whats better than getting a comfort massage and rejuvenate yourself with a personalised AI senses massage session at home, such as GINTELL DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair; that could help you in relieving the pain from neck to toe and enhance quality of your sleep. Not only so, a great and precise massage session would also help you to improve your body immune system, which is very important especially during the pandemic time. Let’s celebrate this special CNY with health and wellness.


2. Fitness

With all the time spent doing chores, I guess most of us will overlook on the time to exercise. Setting yourself a specific time to exercise daily at home may be able to boost your immune system and also to help yourself in managing your weight and body shape for CNY too! One of the best and effective way is by using treadmill that comes with inclination such as GINTELL SmarTrek Plus Treadmill. This treadmill consists of 40 Pre-Set Auto Programme that suitable for beginner or even expert runner. Not to forget, after clearing and cleaning, this treadmill is foldable and easy to keep! Definitely a good “KeepFit” partner this CNY.


3. Beauty

Facial centre is closed and not able to get a facial treatment before CNY? Don’t worry, you can remain your prettiness by getting GINTELL beauty roller and facial cleansing brush to assist you. GINTELL G-Finey EZ with the 3D kneading roller may be the key to help you in getting a natural face lift. V-Shaped face is no longer a dream anymore. Moreover, level up your skin care routine by getting GINTELL G-Soji facial cleansing brush that would help you to double clean your face by removing makeup and moisturize your face. Stay pretty even after all the house chores! 


4. Slimming

Most common worries, clothings cannot fit? Need to get one size bigger? No problem! Besides exercise, you always can use additional way to keep the shape or size you want or even try to get slimmer too. By using slimming belt such as  GINTELL E-Slimme Plus, it may effectively helps you to burn calories, tones and tightens your muscles. It also may be able to reduce the cellulite build-up. E-Slimme Plus comes with Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS) to process that evoke muscle contraction by electrical pulses that directly stimulate motor neurons. So to say; it may help to enhance rehabilitation of muscle, improves blood flow and circulation.

This Chinese New Year may be different from the past, but nothing could stop us from having the festive mood even staying at home for the celebration. Let GINTELL become your health and wellness companion this special Chinese New Year.

Last update: February 05, 2021