Gift For Mom

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Gift For Mom

Mother’s Day is approaching. Have you decided how to celebrate with your mom on this coming 9th May?

Mother’s Day celebration is very important and meaningful as this is the day that we express our love and appreciation to our dearest mom for their love and contribution to the family. Are you able to recall back when was the last time you said “I Love You” to your mom? No matter how, always remember that life is timeless, cherish every moment being together with your parents. This Mother’s Day, let’s embrace your beloved Mom with something special! Here’s some thoughtful gift ideas from us:



What’s better than gifting your mom a personal masseur that provide her a customized massage every day! No need to worry on social distancing, GINTELL S7 SUPERChAiR is here for you 24/7. This SUPERChAiR possess AI-ViTec Massage Hand technology that provide advance auto protrusion up to 13cm humanized massage with 875 combinations of massage techniques that can help in blood circulation, stretching of some vital areas as well as relieving tension in certain areas. Addition to that, it also has up to 10 contactless voice-controlled memory (Vi-Memory) slots that able to store your Mom’s favorite programs to be used anytime of the day. Definitely a gift that your mom will enjoy, appreciate, most importantly able to enhance her health & wellness.


#2 GINTELL CyberTREK Sport

Treadmill is definitely one of the best Mother’s Day gift especially during this pandemic time. By having a treadmill at home, she can work out and exercise anytime to improve body immune system, reduce disease risk such as heart disease and avoid exercising outdoor without mask on, especially during the pandemic time. GINTELL CyberTREK Sport, a treadmill simple, easy to operate yet effective enough to help in reducing risk of injury with its Cloud Cushioning Technology. Hence, bring Health & Wellness home will be one of the best gift for your mom, and even for your whole family this year.



#3 GINTELL DéVano SC Massage Sofa

Treat your mom like a QUEEN with GINTELL DéVano SC Queen massage sofa as it possesses with “S-Flex – Airbag” technology that able to improve pelvic alignment and also provides butt-shaping exercise. Furthermore, it also comes with I-Power Hand that gives you 20% - 30% extra protrusion massage. This massage sofa comes with 3 different mode, Sofa Mode, Lounger Mode and Massage Mode that allows your mom to enjoy her massage session accordingly. A must have elegant designed massage sofa that is absolutely a suitable gift for your mom this Mother’s Day.



#4 GINTELL G-Resto X Portable Massage Cushion

Whether your mom is a housewife or not, GINTELL G-Resto X will be an extremely useful & thoughtful gift that will put a smile on her face. Contains 14 shiatsu massage balls, your mom can enjoy 2 X massage enjoyment, just like having 7 masseurs massaging at the same time! In addition, it has a 20cm massage coverage that covers a bigger massage area. G-Resto X portable massager is so easy to operate, with only three buttons controller that gives a massage experience that helps in relieving stiff and tension muscle. Don’t miss out the heat function as well that helps to promote blood circulation too. Now your mom can enjoy massage at anytime and anywhere!



#5 G-Beetle EZ Foot Massager

There is an old saying, ‘foot is the second heart’. Yes! Therefore, a foot massage is extremely important to everyone in order to enhance your health too. Bring back our G-Beetle EZ Foot Massager and give your mom a surprise this Mother’s Day. If your mom is a high heels lover, this will be her ‘live saver’ as ladies whom love to wear high heels for long time will often experience some discomfort, pain or even affect their body posture, knees, ankles and etc. A regular foot massage would help in relaxation and relieving pain these tension and discomfort. Besides that, it can help blood circulation and promoted detoxification through the acupuncture massage that G-Beetle EZ foot massager has. It also has a multiple synchronize massage for more comprehensive and comfortable foot massage that can be comparison with the foot massage parlours. GINTELL G-Beetle EZ foot massage, a great gift for a great mom!


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