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GINTELL is proud to introduce to you the latest GINTELL “S” series massage chair – GINTELL S7 Massage Chair. A brand-new, cool FIRST SUPERCAR design series, comes with highly emphasis on massage performances. GINTELL aspires to convey the Brilliance of Wellness with the emphasis on innovation & extraordinary AI Technology for both comfort and experience.

While there are so many types of massage chair in the market, GINTELL S7 is definitely the first of its kind, an AI SuperChAiR that comes with up to 875 combination of massage techniques, catering different needs for individual comfort experience. Nevertheless, it is powered by AI Senses with the FIRST Voice Intelligence Technology (ViTec) that ensure all to have endless comfort on a massage chair. By using just voice control, it is able to initiate a human-like massage by listening, reading and understanding individual body need & condition, possible a greatest revolution to traditional massage chair yet.

Not only that, GINTELL S7 SuperChAiR continues to give a great leap of advancement in massage chair industry.  Like the modern supercar that comes with memory seat, GINTELL S7 is equipped with the FIRST Vi-Memory program feature. This feature allows you to customize your favourite massage program, save it and by just using voice, you can enjoy your personalized massage session anytime. Without touch, you can enjoy up to 10 slots of customized Vi-Memory massage program by voice. How convenient is that?

Nothing is better than having a ‘real’ master massage technique built in right inside your massage chair. GINTELL S7 massage chair has the Master Stretch 230° that is recommended by SIFU Dato Seri Master Chris Leong, one of the best stretching techniques that helps in various areas such as relieving neck to shoulder as well as back pain. ‘The Master Stretch 230°, is a great body stretching angle that helps to promote blood circulation and reprogramming your muscle, as mentioned by SIFU Dato Seri Master Chris Leong. If you are having some neck & shoulder stiffness, waist pain or back muscle pain, the Master Stretch 230°, one of the major programs in GINTELL S7 massage chair, is definitely a program that you will not want to miss it.

Driving into Malaysia in versatile Royal Blue colour, GINTELL S7 massage chair can be placed in any area at home from your living room to your bedroom, making a presence of premium, comfort yet prestige to the eyes. Furthermore, the premium looking SuperChAiR, GINTELL S7 massage chair is installed with other advance add-ons that able to enhance your massage experiences with convenience. The unique navigator area located on the arm rest comes with a spinning button that enables you to adjust and control the massage balls protrusion level, covering up to 30% area in your massage. Not forgetting the latest introduction of smartphone wireless charger, now you do not need to worry about battery low when enjoying your massage.

GINTELL S7 massage chair brings you a whole new level of massage experience as it has a total of 32 airbags, providing a full body air pressure massage to improve overall blood circulation and ensure deep tissue massage from head to toe. Besides that, it offers up to 20 various special curated healthcare programs, providing you all the health & wellness session that you may have missed out during your daily busy schedule. These include helping in refreshing body muscles, mental care, spine care as well and energy boosting. All the different 20 healthcare programs can focus individually and may help in reducing fatigues, relieving muscle tensions and body pain. The programs are also designed to reduce stress & helps in improving the quality of sleep. Not forgetting on rejuvenating & refreshing you whole body, muscle and mind.

GINTELL S7 SuperChAiR, unique sleek supercar design, built in with advance AI technology and great healthcare programs offer an array of advantages to all, especially during this pandemic. It is definitely a great health partner & companion for everyone, anytime! 


Last update: March 29, 2021