Owning Your Dream Home

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2in1 : Owning your DREAM Home with the luxury of having your personal masseur right at home anytime. 

Recently it seems like there is an increase demand for simple yet functional home especially it comes to ‘dream’ home. One of the most headache period when moving into a new house is when it comes to choosing what is the best furniture that will suit your new home, whether is living room, bed room, dining area or even kitchen. One of the few most common decision to make will be the sofa, couch or even chairs that suit your bedroom or your living room.

Looking at the current society and environment such as long working hours & social distancing to keep safe from any sickness, the best time to spend is at one’s own home.

Have you ever thought that you would be able to have your own ‘Me-Time’ at your own new home while able to enjoy a great relaxation just by sitting at home, listening to some favourite tune, keeping the mind calm and away from all the stress, troubles, sickness and problems? Vice versa, have you ever dreamt that you are able to own your own dream home that can cater to all your relaxation, functional, family time together with the dream surrounding that you wished for?


Partnering with us GINTELL Malaysia, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Straits Residences, a cosmopolitan seafront living that rewards you with the best of urban lifestyle yet. A generously-proportioned and configured suites that are equipped with smart home technology, adding extremely personalized privacy, exclusivity value and convenience to home owners.


Introducing 2-in-1 dream package, own GINTELL products and earn up to RM 8,888 rebate for your dream home PLUS stand a chance to have your own ‘masseur’, GINTELL DéSpace UFO-X massage chair, waiting for you in your dream home every day. Luxury & comfortable looking massage chair that suits any home design, GINTELL DéSpace UFO-X massage chair is designed to help in therapeutic benefit and stress relieve. DéSpace UFO-X Massage Chair comes with a perfect combination of latest AI-Senses & ViTec humanise massage technology that incorporates up to 12 AI-Sensors. Wow, whole new level of humanize and customize massages that helps you enjoy in your own dream home.





For customer who purchased Straits Residences (with GINTELL DeSpace UFO-X package) is entitled to redeem a voucher with RM1000 discount on GINTELL CyberTREK PRO treadmill FT477 at any GINTELL showroom.

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For more details, please visit https://straitsresidences.com.my or please contact Straits Residences Sales Gallery 04-8903849 or WhatsApp to

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Last update: February 05, 2021