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Lot No. 25, Ground Floor

  • 09-866 2066 (Showroom)
  • 017-298 9180 (Zahari)
  • 014-505 1075 (Amir)


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Lot F18, First Floor

  • 03-3318 0281 (Showroom)
  • 011-1627 9974 (Amin)
  • 012-303 5880 (Kayce)


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Lot G-23, Ground Floor

  • 06-795 3818 (Showroom)
  • 016- 249 8472 (Fadli)
  • 011-3988 7300 (Amirul)


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Are you busy with the preparation? 

Every year during this point of time, every family members will be occupied with house cleaning, decoration, cooking, buying, create new hairstyle and etc. Most of the time, we have put the least focus on getting our own body health & wellness in tip top condition.

Lets prepare this year’s CNY a little different. Here are 4 ideas that GINTELL could help you on your CNY preparation!

1. Massage

After all the house chores, most of you will likely to experience tiredness, back pain, or even not able to have a good night sleep which is most probably the...

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2in1 : Owning your DREAM Home with the luxury of having your personal masseur right at home anytime. 

Recently it seems like there is an increase demand for simple yet functional home especially it comes to ‘dream’ home. One of the most headache period when moving into a new house is when it comes to choosing what is the best furniture that will suit your new home, whether is living room, bed room, dining area or even kitchen. One of the few most common decision to make will be the sofa, couch or even chairs that suit your bedroom or your living room.

Looking at the current society and environment such as long working hours &...

Promotes Blood Circulation

This is extremely important as massage may help blood and oxygen flow through congested areas circulating nutrients into different body cells. The pressure of the massage may also help in breaking up toxin in the cells, bringing in rich and healthy blood supply to relieve stiff and tense body muscle. 



Improve Quality of Sleep

Definitely one of the most key importance in today's society where massage may help ones to reduce fatigue and improve quality of sleep where it directly influences the body's production of serotonin. The increase of serotonin level can let ones feel calm, decrease...

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Lot G-50, Ground Floor

  • 019-222 3018 (Showroom)
  • 017-298 9180 (Zahari)
  • 014-505 1075 (Amir)


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Lot LG-57, Lower Ground Floor

  • 016-629 4994 (Syed)
  • 018-663 7036 (Afifah)


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Lot 43CA (Lot 123CA)

  • 04-644 4332 (Showroom)
  • 012-478 9257 (Wei Loon)
  • 017-455 7084 (Nick Tan)
  • 016-505 1368 (Vivian Tan)


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Tips-tips Penjagaan Treadmill 

Penjagaan kesihatan adalah penting bagi semua orang. Boleh dikatakan wajib bagi setiap orang terutamanya orang yang bekerja untuk bersenam bagi memastikan kesihatan mereka terjamin. Akan tetapi, atas faktor kesibukan dan juga keselamatan ramai yang memilih untuk menggunakan peralatan kesihatan seperti treadmill kerana boleh bersenam tanpa risaukan masa, cuaca, keselamatan dan sambil menonton televisyen pun boleh bersenam.

Dengan itu, pengunaan treadmill juga perlu dijaga bagi memastikan kelancaran dan prestasi treadmill berada dalam keadaan baik dan tidak mendatangkan kecederaan kepada pengguna. Antara...

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Lot L2, Ground Floor

  •  016-249 8471 (Fadhli)


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Lot F63A,1st Floor

  • 011-2342 9087 (Fahmi)