DéSpace UFO-X Massage Chair

DéSpace UFO-X Massage Chair

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DéSpace UFO-X Massage Chair

Designed to include therapeutic benefit and stress reduction feature, GINTELL DéSpace UFO-X advance version is the iconic U.F.O massage chair that comes with the Ai-ViTec humanise massage technology.

Model Name GINTELL DéSpace UFO-X Massage Chair
Model GT9088V
Rating Time 20 minutes
Voltage 220-240V
Power 220W Max.
Frequency 50/60Hz
Net Weight approximately 141kg
Safety Design 1
Gross Weight approximately 159kg
Programmed Course 23 Health Programmes
Manual Course 10 massage techniques
Air Bags 12 at arms & shoulder,4 at back & waist,8 at thighs & buttocks,20 at the calves and foot
Dimension Upright: Approximately 150cm(l) x 81cm(w) x 123cm(h) Reclined: Approximately 190cm(l) x 81cm(w) x 99cm(h)
Accessories Manual Instruction Book

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