(Agoda) DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair

(Agoda) DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair

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(Agoda) DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair

DeSpace Star-X, the 'X'traordinary High-Tech massage chair that comes with AI Senses (Voice Control); provides you the most advance massage experience yet! 

AI Senses Technology: Enlightening your massage experience through Gintell AI senses technology that listens, analyses and acts accordingly. AI-Senses technology is incorporated a combination of senses, experiences and knowledge through accommodation current human needs.


Model Name GINTELL DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair
Model GT9083
Rating Time 20 minutes
Power 120W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Net Weight 88KG
Gross Weight Approx 108KG
Dimension Upright: Approximately 155cm(l) x 85cm(w) x 120cm(h); Reclined: Approximately 200cm(l) x 85cm(w) x 99cm(h)

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