DéSpace Star Massage Chair

DéSpace Star Massage Chair

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DéSpace Star Massage Chair


GINTELL DeSpace Star Massage Chair

GINTELL DeSpace Star Massage Chair    is Incorporated with hi tech Ai technology, GINTELL DeSpace Star Massage Chair provides an array of health benefits especially for health seekers like you.


Moon Hand Grasps & Its Roller Balls

Equipped with the latest technology, it consists of [how many] massage roller balls that provides 20% more protrusion to give you an intensive yet more effective massage to body parts including your neck, shoulder, waist, buttock.


4D Reflex Spa

30 cm extension that provides rolling sensation massage for the sole area and full coverage massage for the leg area


Foot Rotational Guasa

XV Track Tech

Measuring at 135cm in length, is capable of providing 48% extra body massage coverage starting from the neck area all the way down to your thighs


210 Degree Yoga Stretch

Long term incorrect posture or sports injuries that could cause displacement of the spine called scoliosis


8 Enjoyable & Relaxing Massage Programmes

Yoga Stretch – Promotes better joint mobility, prevention of kyphosis, sciatica, improve body posture, enhance body detox functions (via stimulation of specific kidney& liver points)


Sweet Dream – Provides gentle massage on acupressure points which helps to fully relax our mind and body, promotes better sleep and stabilized mood through its Moon-hand Roller balls


Revitalization – Provides intensive massage that energize the mind and body. It is energy replenishing and prepares you for the challenge of the day.


For Mom – Awaken the body and mind for a healthy and fruitful day ahead


Stress Care – Helps promote blood circulation, metabolism, boost our immune system, as well as prevent and relieve migraine


Spa Spinal – Work hand in hand with heat therapy and provide marvelous massage that aims to improve back and spinal health


Lumbar Care – Aims to ease tightened back muscles, works on acupressure points to fortify the digestive points, relieving indigestion, constipation and bloating problems.


For Dad – providing you a peace of mind and a stress free bedtime’s rest


Full 3D Airbag System

Provides deep tissue massage from your head to toe, giving you total satisfaction and relaxational massage to your entire body


Heat Therapy (back & calf)

Promotes blood circulation and metabolism, particularly around the knee joints, making it most suitable for elderly senior citizens.


sensing System & i-memory program

Ability to detect the contour of your body and provide a suitable massage setting to provide you an utmost comfortable massage experience

Model Name GINTELL DéSpace Star Massage Chair
Model GT9013
Rating Time 20 minutes
Voltage 220-240V
Power 150W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Net Weight approximately 92kg
Dimension Upright: Approximately 143cm(l) x 76cm(w) x 110cm(h) Reclined: Approximately 168cm(l) x 76cm(w) x 98cm(h)
Accessories Remote Controller, Manual Instruction Book

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