It’s GINTELL 25th Anniversary


Running is one of the exercises that almost anyone can do. However, jogging at outside is unsafe anymore during the C19 pandemic or you may not have access to a jogging-friendly street which may make it unsafe. This is when treadmills can serve as a good buy. This equipment is very durable and great for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Start your cardio exercise today with GINTELL best selling quality treadmill. A daily 20 minutes jog could potentially hange your lifestyle and it's never too late to get fit.





What’s better than gifting your mom a personal masseur that provide her a customized massage every day! No need to worry on social distancing, GINTELL S7 SUPERChAiR is here for you 24/7. This SUPERChAiR possess AI-ViTec Massage Hand technology that provide advance auto protrusion up to 13cm humanized massage with 875 combinations of massage techniques that can help in blood circulation, stretching of some vital areas as well as relieving tension in certain areas. Addition to that, it also has up to 10 contactless voice-controlled memory (Vi-Memory) slots that able to store your favorite programs to be used anytime of the day. For more information about GINTELL S7 SUPERChAiR Massage Chair with Voice Intelligence Technology(ViTec), please watch YouTube - S7 SUPERChAiR




GINTELL Cyber​​TREK Sport Treadmill come with the Cloud Cushioning Technology. Push-out, moderate and impact cushioning can absorb 35% impact on your hips, knees, ankles and joints. At the same time, the cloud stabilization system will provide a flat and comfortable running surface to support longer training time. For more information about GINTELL Cyber​​TREK Sport Treadmill, please watch YouTube - Cyber​​TREK Sport Treadmill . 




GINTELL DéSpace Star-X massage chair is built with AI capabilities, it is able to understand human needs. With 8 humanizing massage options, including kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu and more, every part of your body will be able to benefit from the massage. This DéSpace Star-X also comes with a Chiro-stretch function, which allows you to stretch up to 230° and reach areas like your ankle, knee, waist and shoulders. GINTELL DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair could help you in relieving the pain from neck to toe and enhance quality of your sleep. Not only so, a great and precise massage session would also help you to improve your body immune system, which is very important especially during the pandemic time.  For more information about GINTELL DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair, please watch YouTube - DéSpace Star-X Massage Chair 



GINTELL Cyber​​TREK Pro Treadmill is one of the best treadmills in Malaysia. High running speed of up to 22 km/h, even the best athletes can perfectly meet the needs and 36 automatic programs. Its noise-reducing running mat, so you can exercise at any time during the day without disturbing the entire house due to noisy noise. Foldable and moveable design allows you to save more space when not in use. It is perfect for compact houses which only with limited area. 



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