Did you know that getting a good massage can help in solving a math problem, increasing employee loyalty, making better decisions at work, and looking really good while doing all that? Massage may help blood and oxygen flow through congested areas circulating nutrients into different body cells. The pressure of the massage may also help in breaking up toxin in the cells, bringing in rich and healthy blood supply to relieve stiff and tense body muscle. 



GINTELL S7 SUPERChAiR possess AI-ViTec Massage Hand technology that provide advance auto protrusion up to 13cm humanized massage with 875 combinations of massage techniques that can help in blood circulation, stretching of some vital areas as well as relieving tension in certain areas. Addition to that, it also has up to 10 contactless voice-controlled memory (Vi-Memory) slots that able to store your favorite programs to be used anytime of the day. For more information about GINTELL S7 SUPERChAiR Massage Chair with Voice Intelligence Technology(ViTec), please watch YouTube - S7 SUPERChAiR.

Do you know that massage could also stimulate the release of endorphins, which are the chemicals that help to relieve pain, especially chronic back pain or stiff muscle? This can be relieved through massage and stretching. Nevertheless, the release of endorphins could also trigger a positive feeling which able to reduce stress and anxiety. 



GINTELL DéSpace Star-X massage chair is built with AI capabilities, it is able to understand human needs. With 8 humanizing massage options, including kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu and more, every part of your body will be able to benefit from the massage. This DéSpace Star-X also comes with a Chiro-stretch function, which allows you to stretch up to 230° and reach areas like your ankle, knee, waist and shoulders.



DéVano X Massage Sofa - The 1st Massage SOFA equipped with voice control technology in Malaysia, and also provides Humanlike massage. It is powered by AI Senses with the FIRST Voice Intelligence Technology (ViTec) that ensure all to have endless comfort on a massage chair. GINTELL DéVano X Massage Sofa also possesses with “S-Flex – Airbag” technology that able to improve pelvic alignment and also provides butt-shaping exercise. It also come with Calf Spa Massage function, that can relieving stiffness  and relaxing calf muscle. However, we acknowledge that making the right lifestyle decision can be difficult without being fully aware of what it brings you.Enjoy a multi- functional AI-ViTec massage sofa in the comfort and privacy of your home with 3D surrounding speaker with bluetooth system. GINTELL DéVano X Massage Sofa can be placed in any area at home from your living room to your bedroom.


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