S3 SuperChAiR

S3 SuperChAiR

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S3 SuperChAiR


Gintell S3 SuperChAiR

S3 SuperChAiR is shaped like a supercar model in Royale Blue colour. Its seat design provides you a cozy feel through the massage sessions.

What is Ai-Vitec?

Artificial Intelligence technology that includes voice control that enables it to listen and speak for easy command.

What is Vi-Memory Program?

To memorize and conveniently store up your favourite massage programs up to 3 slots.

What is S-3D Roller Ball

2 massage rollers of 11cm protrusion for a deeper massage as it is able to cover wider/longer areas that provides a humanized massage.

What is 230° Chiro Stretch?

Reclination of 133cm (XV-Track) Full body stretching programs that covers buttock, waist, lower back, upper back and shoulder to relief muscle tension and mental stress.

What is 4D Detoxology?

A detox program that covers foot reflexology & arm massage that mimics acupressure massage using airbag compression that increase blood flow, improves immune system and relieves abdominal pain.

What is Full Airbag Massage?

14 pieces of airbags which puts pressure on your body by compressing to loosen muscle tension & heaviness. Airbags are located on shoulder, lower back, arms and calves.

What is Back & Calf Heat Therapy?

Airbag system that releases heat on the lower back and calves to help relax, soothe muscles and heal damaged tissue as it enables better blood circulation.

What is Zero Gravity

126° reclination that raises your feet above heart level and evenly distributes your body weight that maximizes comfort and relaxation as it improves your breathing, blood circulation and body posture.


7 VI-Tec Massage Techniques :

  • Kneading
  • Double tapping
  • Knead & tap
  • Double shiatsu
  • Knocking
  • Knuckle kneading
  • Punch tapping

15 Auto-Programs : Each program includes reflexology & combination of massage techniques

  1. Rocking SPA - 230° angle with slight rocking that uses technique such as knead & tap, double shiatsu and knocking that helps body relax
  2. Lumbar Care – uses technique like double shiatsu and knuckle kneading to relief backpain
  3. Ancient SPA – full body massage that uses kneading, tapping & knocking on waist & buttock with airbag simultaneously
  4. Stretch 230 – to promote blood circulation to all organs, uses kneading & double shiatsu
  5. Neck & shoulder –  uses double shiatsu, knuckle kneading & double tapping that focueses on neck and shoulder to relief muscle tension
  6. Sedentary – uses punch tapping, knead & tap and knocking to shake off body stress
  7. Spine Care – similar to lumbar care but uses technique such as double shiatsu, kneading & double tapping
  8. Boss – focus on shoulder and waist that uses double shiatsu, knuckle kneading and punch tapping to relief muscle tension
  9. Mind Relax – uses kneading, punch tapping, double shiatsu, knead & tap to relief mental stress
  10. My Lady – focuses on waist and buttocks that uses double shiatsu, knocking, knead & tap to relief muscle soreness
  11. My Man – focuses on neck and shoulder that uses double shiatsu, double tapping and kneading to relief stiff shoulders
  12. Rocking Night – 230° angle with slight rocking that uses technique such as knocking, knuckle kneading & double shiatsu with heat therapy to shake off body stress
  13. Thai Rolling - 230° angle that uses airbag compression, knuckle kneading, knead & tap for full body massage but focuses more on waist & buttock
  14. Sports Recovery – light massage such as knocking, knead & tap and punch tapping to loosen tensed and injured muscles
  15. Rejuvenate – focuses more on waist and foot reflexology to help body freshen up by using kneading, knead & tap and knuckle kneading

Basic Features :

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Smart Device Charge Function (USB)
  • Remote control
Model GT9933
Rating Time 20 minutes
Power 90W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Net Weight 68kg
Dimension 150cm x 77cm x 87cm

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