GINTELL SporTrek Xtra Treadmill



GINTELL SporTrek Xtra , a stylish 4 in 1 treadmill that gives you multiple enjoyment of exercising. Equipped with running area, sit-up rack, dumbbell and waist massager. With these, your workout will be more fun and effective with different ways of exercise at the comfort of your home. 



GINTELL SporTrek Xtra comes with Double Cloud Cushioning System that could helps to absorb about 40% impact, protect our joint from injury. Exercising on hard surface such as roadside will bring full impact and pressure to our joints, causing unnecessary pain and discomfort, including possible damage to our joints. Let's protect your joint while enjoying a fun workout !



Having 40 pre-set programs, with highest speed 16/h, that suitable for beginner level and even expert level, which is applicable for the whole family. Beside that, GINTELL SporTrek Xtra treadmill can also afford for a maximum 130kg user weight. Most importantly, it comes with antislip running area that could help to reduce the risk of injury while running on it.



Not to worry that the treadmill will takes up much space of your home, as it equipped with Hydraulic Folding system. Its foldable design enable you to fold it after using, and this folding system is safe to use where it will drop softly and slowly when you unlock it.



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