DéSpace UFO Royale Blue Massage Chair

DéSpace UFO Royale Blue Massage Chair

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DéSpace UFO Royale Blue Massage Chair

Beyond Human Interlligence

Designed to include therapeutic benefit and stress reduction feature, GINTELL DéSpace is the iconic U.F.O massage chair that comes with the Ai humanized massage technology. 

Gintell DéSpace UFO Royale Blue

Model Name GINTELL DéSpace UFO Royale Blue Massage Chair
Model GT9009RB
Rating Time 20 minutes
Voltage 220-240V
Power 260W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Net Weight approximately 152kg
Safety Design 1
Gross Weight approximately 180kg
Programmed Course 6 main automatic programmes,3 QUAD 3D programmes
Manual Course 7 massage techniques
Air Bags 30 at arms & shoulder,8 at back & waist,8 at thighs & buttocks,20 at the calves and foot
Dimension Upright: Approximately 155cm(l) x 85cm(w) x 120cm(h) Reclined: Approximately 200cm(l) x 85cm(w) x 99cm(h)
Accessories Remote Controller, Bluetooth App Operating System (Android and IOS Platform), Manual Instruction Book

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