S6 Wellness SuperChAiR

S6 Wellness SuperChAiR

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S6 Wellness SuperChAiR

GINTELL S6 Wellness SuperChAiR
The 1st massage chair that focuses on overall wellness in the market.

Ai-Bio Scan (Bio-Senses)

  • Place index finger on panel for 30 seconds that enables you to scan your heart rate, blood oxygen & fatigue index.

Ai Vi-Tec

  • Artificial Intelligence technology that includes voice control that enables it to listen and speak for easy command.

Ai-R 3D Rollerballs

  • New generation of rollerballs with protrusion up to 13cm for a smarter, humanised, precise, & intensive massage.

360° Heat Spa Therapy

  • Heats up body areas such as the back, waist, & calves through its airbag
  • Has a crossed-over cape-like strapped that is using graphene (a lightweight material) for stomach and abdomen heating
  • Relieves overall muscle tension and relax abdominal muscles to reduce pain caused by muscle spasms or menstrual cramps

Stretch 230° Program

  • Full body stretching similar to light exercise for body alignment to improve the joint stiffness and flexibility.

Knee Spa Therapy

  • Massages sole, calves & knee with heat therapy
  • Promotes blood circulation, helps loosen tight muscles, joints and overall relieves pain and muscle spasms

6 Humanized Massage Techniques

  1. Knead
  2. Tap
  3. Knead & Tap
  4. Shiatsu
  5. Knock
  6. Rolling

20 Auto-Programs : Each program includes reflexology & combination of massage techniques

  1. Ai Fusion
  2. Neck & Shoulder
  3. Stretch 230°
  4. My Man
  5. My Lady
  6. Lullaby
  7. AI – AiR
  8. Sweet Dream
  9. Lumbar Care
  10. Bali Rolling
  11. Thai Stretch
  12. Hip Spa
  13. Back Relief
  14. Energy Boost
  15. Spine Care
  16. Sedentary
  17. Body & Mind
  18. Joint Reflex
  19. Back & Waist
  20. Sports Care

Basic Features

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Smart Device Charge Function (USB)
  • Remote control
  • Thumb panel
Model Name GINTELL S6 Wellness Superchair
Model GT9966
Voltage 220 - 240V
Power 120W
Net Weight 90KG

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