S7 SuperChAiR

S7 SuperChAiR

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S7 SuperChAiR



It is the 7th Generation of the SuperChAiR Series. S7 lets you customize up to 875 combinations with its dual/twin 4D rollers providing you a full body deep tissue massage & relaxation throughout.

What is 4D Twin Roller?

The 1st twin rollers that can combined into 1 to provide full coverage & deep tissue massage.

What is Vi-Memory?

To memorize and conveniently store up your favourite massage programs up to 10 slots.

What is 10 Points Body Sensing System?

Vi-Tec massage hand that scans, measure and memorize your body structure to provide you a customizable massage by focusing on the 10 important points located on the back.

What is Leg & Ankle Traction

100% reflexology of 360° air-calf massage which covers from calf to sole. It also slightly pulls to stretch your feet and ankle.

What is Master Stretch 230°

230° angle reclination to provide a full body stretch that focuses on neck, shoulder, back, waist, and lower body to relief body tensions and mental stress.

What is Full Airbag Massage?

Airbag compression to loosen muscle tension. There are 32 airbags which are segregated and located on shoulders, arms, waist & back

What is Heat Therapy?

Airbag system that releases heat on the lower back and calves to help relax, soothe muscles and heal damaged tissue as it enables better blood circulation.

11 Massage Techniques: Each program includes reflexology & combination of massage techniques

  • Knead
  • Tap I
  • Tap II
  • Knead & Tap
  • Shiatsu I
  • Shiatsu II
  • Grasp
  • AI I
  • AI II
  • AI III
  • AI IV

20 Healthcare Programs: Each program includes reflexology & combination of massage techniques

  1. Mental Care
  2. 230° CL Stretch
  3. S Waist & Butt
  4. Calm Night
  5. Queen
  6. Boss
  7. Spine Care
  8. Music & Relax
  9. 4D AiR-X
  10. CEO Refresh
  11. Mind Relax
  12. Rejuvenation
  13. Lower Body
  14. Sedentary
  15. AI Hands Relief
  16. Sport Recovery
  17. Energy Boost
  18. Back Traction
  19. Comfort & Relief
  20. Full Body Care

Basic Features :

  • 3D Surround Speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • Remote Control


Model Name GINTELL S7 SuperChAiR
Model GT9977
Rating Time 20 minutes
Voltage 220-240V -- 50Hz/60Hz
Power 150W
Dimension Upright: 162cm (L) x 83cm (W) x 124cm (H) Reclined: 194cm (L) x 83cm (W) x 112cm (H)
Safety Structure Class I

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